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Tanning FAQ’s

Do you need to wear eye protection each time you tan?

Yes! Eyewear is very important. Our eye lids are not thick enough to protect our eyes from UV rays. Unlike our skin, our eyes cannot produce melanin for protection. Always protect your eyes when tanning indoors.

Can you wear contact lenses while tanning?

Because tanning naturally draws moisture from the body, eyes are sometimes irritated with contacts that lose moisture too. Even with protective eyewear, eyes can dry out a little. If somebody is going to tan with their contacts in, it is recommended that they use moisturizing drops prior to or just after the tanning session to prevent any temporary discomfort.

Can you go tanning when pregnant?

The main objection to tanning pregnant women is the increased potential of becoming overheated. Increasing your core body temperature while pregnant can be of concern. Understand that UV light does not reach the unborn baby, as it does not travel beyond the top layers of the skin. Other common concerns include hormones that may cause you to tan unevenly.

What are the causes of white spots?

There are different types of white spots that are caused by different factors:

Vitiligo is irregularly-shaped white patches of skin that do not tan. It is caused by a condition that causes melanocyte cells in the affected area to degenerate and die off. Your physician can help reverse the effects of vitiligo.

Tinea versicolour, or “sunspots” is dandruff-like fungus that flakes off the scalp onto the upper body. This condition is very common and has nothing to do with cleanliness. Extra-strength dandruff shampoo is often used to treat it.

Pressure Points are seen on skin surfaces that contact the equipment, such as shoulder blades, the backs of calves and upper arms. To avoid this, shift position during the session so that all skin receives oxygen.

Is indoor tanning riskier than outdoor tanning?

Ultraviolet Light is impossible to control outdoors making sunburning and overexposure much more likely. The opposite is true for indoor tanning clients which are exposed to a scientifically controlled dosage of ultraviolet light carefully formulated to tan you and minimize your risk of sunburn. You can gradually increase your exposure time to achieve the tan you desire without burning.

Airbrush FAQ’s

How do I prepare for a sunless airbrush tan?

Remember to wax, shave and exfoliate before your spray tan session. The better you exfoliate, the longer your tan will last. Wear baggy clothes to the session and do not put on any lotion or makeup before your spray tan.

How is it applied?

The tanning solution is uniformly sprayed over your body by a trained technician using a state of the art airbrush system.

How long does it take?

A full body application takes about 15 minutes then a 10 minute drying time is required.

Does it get streaky or blotchy?

No, the solution is applied evenly with a light mist through an airbrush so you will have an even tan that is never orange or blotchy.

Is it safe?

There are no dyes in the ingredients therefore it will not harm your hair or skin. However, hair will have to be put up so not to mask application to the face and neck. The tanning solution is washable if it is in contact with your clothes or hair.

What is in the solution?

The solution is a unique blend of two active ingredients from DK Luxury Beauty:
DHA (dihydroxyactone) - the sunless tanning ingredient that has been FDA approved for cosmetic use. DHA is a substance from fruit sugars that reacts with proteins on the surface of the skin.
Eurythrulose is a natural keto-sugar which reacts with the amino acids in the skin.
When the two ingredients are combined, it promises to deliver a streak free, natural golden tan.

How long does it last?

Tanning results are instantaneous and you will see ultimate results in 3 to 4 hours after application. On most skin types it will last about 4 to 7 days.

When can I shower or bathe?

Allow 8 hours before any bathing, showering or exercise.

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Benefits of Using Indoor Tanning Lotion

Lotion helps to get you darker faster.
Lotion slows down the process of premature aging of the skin.
Lotion decreases and diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Lotion smoothes and soothes the skin, leaving it silky and soft while tanning and after.
Lotion restores the moisture which is lost during your tanning session.
Lotion blends colour and helps to decrease the appearance of pressure points (untanned areas).
Lotion gives the skin an overall improvement in pigmentation.
Lotion gives skin a healthy tanned glow.
Lotion prepares skin for UV exposure by protecting its natural nutrients.

“Tanning with lotion is like tanning three times without”

Can you think of a good reason why you shouldn’t take care of your skin???


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