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Sunboard Plus

This state of the art 20 minute high pressure bed emits less than 5% of UVB rays, making it less likely to burn. It provides a deeper and longer lasting results. You only need to tan in this non-closterphobic bed two to three times a month to maintain your colour. The uniquely designed acrylic contours to your body providing you with an even tan and the ultimate tanning experience.

Lumina Super Bed

This high end 15 minute super bed has a blue filter, which allows maximum output of UVA with limited UVB, offers direct and intensive facial tanning. The control element at the head and foot fans allows you to direct the flow of air to the face and body, keeping you cooler and more relaxed.

Luxura Mega Bed

Comfortable spacious tanning environment that is a much longer and wider bed, which offers a more relaxing experience and excellent tanning results in only 13 minutes. The contoured acrylic is beneficial for optimal positioning of the body. There are two cooling fans designed to filter the hot air away from the bed, which reduces perspiration levels to offer a cooler tanning experience.

Radius Sundash Standup

This 360 degree 200 watt stand-up unit provides the great tanning experience with amazing results. This 12 minute tanning unit creates a cool and comfortable environment providing even tan with out the worry of lines

Delta XLC Stand Up

Enjoy this 12 minute stand-up unit with 180 watt bulbs. It`s unique design offers an elevated lift system that helps provide better colour for your lower legs and feet. With ceiling to floor advanced ventilation system this unit provides a comfortable and cool environment.

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