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"I am naturally a very pale person which presented a problem as I decided to enter a national fitness competition where a dark tan is essential - the stage lights really wash you out so a tan makes you look healthy and vibrant on stage and it accentuates your musculature. Despite time spent in the tanning bed I naturally couldn’t reach that golden glow I needed. That’s when I turned to Niki and Bora Bora tanning. I had never done a spray tan before and Niki made me feel incredibly informed and comfortable. Niki was very understanding of my specific needs and she even came in on her day off to touch me up the day before my competition. I was nervous I’d look fake and orange, but I looked stunningly golden! Thanks to the help of Niki and Bora Bora I placed 2nd. The best part was for days after the competition my tan stayed strong. Thanks Niki!"
Toronto, ON
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"As someone who has pasty white skin all year round, I'm always self-conscious about showing any skin at the beach. I'm so glad I found Bora Bora. Unlike orange-causing mystic tans, Bora Bora's spray tan gave me an even, bronze glow - something I never thought I could have. I made sure to make an appointment before my wedding too (and I got plenty of complements!). The staff was so sweet and helpful too. Do yourself a favour and make an appointment today! You'll be glad you did - I certainly was!"
Toronto, ON

"Bora Bora Tanning is fantastic! The staff was extremely friendly, helpful and welcoming. They always have great tanning specials and their lotion prices are unbeatable! Their tropical and clean environment makes tanning seem like a mini getaway. They have amazing beds, such as the Sunboard Plus high pressure bed and a stand-up unit where the floor elevates to help tan your lower legs and feet. They also provide UV-free airbrush tanning which looks amazing. Everytime I have had it done it comes out bronzed and streak-free. After tanning at Bora Bora I will never go anywhere else. This is the ultimate tanning experience!!!"
Toronto, ON

"I just love Bora Bora Tanning! The salon is always clean and the staff is always friendly and helpful. My favourite bed is the Sunboard. Their prices are great and they always have amazing specials. This salon has the lowest prices for indoor tanning lotion! I also tried their sunless airbrush tanning and it was fantastic! I had a tan in minutes and was not the slightest bit orange or streaky."
Toronto, ON

"I came in to build a tan before going on vacation and the staff at Bora Bora Tanning & Concept Spa were extremely helpful. They helped me find the perfect package and products for my tanning needs. They have reasonable prices and great tanning beds. Tan at Bora Bora Tanning!"
Toronto, ON

"Bora Bora Tanning is my favoiurite place downtown to get a tan! It is conveniently located near my work and I love coming by for a tan on my lunch break. I have been a client for many years and will remain one. Thanks Bora Bora Tanning!!!"
Mississauga, ON

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